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The Right Way: A Children’s Rights Approach in Wales

What is The Right Way: A Children’s Rights Approach in Wales?

A principled and practical framework for working with children, grounded in the UNCRC, to help public bodies to integrate children’s rights into every aspect of decision-making, policy and practice.


Created by the office of the Children's Commissioner's for Wales with expert advice from the Wales Observatory on Human Rights of Children and Young People, it encourages public services across the country to commit to the UNCRC and to improve how they plan and deliver their services.

You can download it here.


Why should I use this framework?

Investing in children’s rights has real benefits for organisations:

  • It will help public bodies to meet their statutory duties

  • It contributes to enabling more children and young people to be better involved in public services; leading to better decision making.

  • It ensures there’s a real focus on the particular needs of children whose voices can be lost or silenced.

  • It helps to create an environment where public services are accountable to all of its service users.


If you need any more information, please contact us.


You can also read: The Right Way: A Children’s Rights Approach to Education in Wales here. 

*** Please note, these resources were published by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales ***


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