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Your Assembly

Your Assembly is a dedicated website for young people to learn about the National Assembly for Wales – what it does and how it affects young people living in Wales.

Everyone in Wales should have a say in how their country is run and one way of doing this is by voting in National Assembly for Wales elections. But what if you're not old  enough to vote yet? Or don’t feel you know enough about politics to vote? There are still lots of ways you can make a difference and get your voice heard in Wales, and this website will show you how you can make sure your voice is heard!

We want young people to be at the heart of this website, so make sure you get involved through Twitter, Facebook or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Your Assembly


Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline

Free bilingual helpline - A free and bilingual telephone drugs helpline providing a single point of contact for anyone in Wales wanting further information or help relating to drugs or alcohol.  The helpline will assist individuals, their families, carers, and support workers within the drug and alcohol field to access appropriate local and regional services. - See more at:  Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline

Think you know what domestic abuse looks like?

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, sexual violence or another form of violence against women, we’ll help you find the support you need.  It doesn’t have to be violence. Controlling someone’s life – what they eat, what they wear, who they talk to, where they go – is abuse.  For this campaign we have engaged with young people and students to develop messages and materials that relate to them.  For more information:  Live fear free 




Young Wales

Visit the new Young Wales website, the central place for the new children and young people's voice project in Wales.  Over the next three years we will be developing new work on issues that are important to children and young people, as well as bringing together the fantastic work being done in your forums, schools and organisations.  We will be sharing your voices and opinions with the Welsh Government, and will make sure that your voices are listened to and that they lead to changes that affect your life. Young Wales

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